In this fast-paced world, our fight for survival can be polarizing with “He said, She said, or I’m right, You’re wrong.” It’s all too easy to fall into a disconnected abyss where life and the choices you make are being influenced by resentment, anger, arguments, frustration, affairs, sexual dissatisfaction, pain, poor health, and isolation. 

Lack of intimacy fuels dysfunctional communication and is the most significant factor in sexual and relationship dissatisfaction. 

I know you want to argue less, love more, feel happier and more centered in your life.

I welcome you to leave the performance anxiety behind and open up to being your unapologetically authentic self, present and confident, whether in the bedroom or the office.

How would it feel to be at ease with what you truly want in life?!

Lack of sexual fulfillment, premature ejaculation, porn addiction, binge-eating and compulsive behaviors merely fill a void in your life but they can be overcome when you reconnect with yourself.

Know you are not alone. I will be right there by your side.

Through our established boundaries, we will create a safe, respectable and comfortable environment where you feel fully supported in our time together.

You will emerge as a refreshed, emotionally nourished and invigorated being who is fully connected to their innermost desires.

The Mastery of Connection Method  focuses on creating change from the inside out. As we explore together you’ll discover and reframe your coping patterns, awaken the desires that are burning inside you to be expressed and learn all the skills you need to live with an open heart so you can have fulfilment personally, relationally and sexually.

Talk is an integral part of your life.

But building a mind-body connection is the key to sustainable Peace and Fulfillment in your life.


Receive One-on-One or Couple’s Coaching:

(Feel Safe, Seen and Confident with Emotional and Sexual Intimacy)ls)

  • Private mentoring programs
  • Intimacy Mastery VIP Days and Weekends tailored for your individual needs for Men & Couples
  • Book a Lovers retreat or a gift to your loved one to reignite the passion in your relationship or to deepen your skills as a Lover
  • Limited available spots quarterly

Attend Seminars, Trainings and Classes:

(Redefining Intimacy Method, Breathwork and Mindfulness Trainings and Events)

  • Live workshops around the world
  • Online 10 Week Group Program
  • Check events calendar for the latest seminars and classes
  • Check-ins and Personalized follow-up calls are included

Hire Tziporah for Your Event:

(Teach your teams to build fulfilling relationships and creative success)

  • Available to speak with your team and groups in the workplace or venue of choice
  • 6 to 8 Week Live Breathwork, Communication and Mindfulness Programs customized for your team
  • Teleconferencing with large organizations
  • Emotional Intelligence Skill Building

 Hire Tziporah for Your Event

The fact that you’re reading this tells me you’re ready to let your heart lead the way.

It’s time to say YES to igniting more passion, pleasure, and purpose in your life from the bedroom to the office.


  • Ways to cultivate your emotional intelligence 
  • How to Get What Your Really want in Successful Relationship Teams
  • Your True Worth and Overcome self-sabotage to free to be fulfilled in all aspects of your life.
  • What it means to Create Life and Relationships on Your own Terms
  • Understanding and Identifying Your Feelings, Needs, Boundaries 
  • Being a more concise, effective and compassionate communicator
  • The Power of Touch and Consciousness on Your Path to Being an Exceptional Lover
  • Relationship with your Sex, Sexual Energy and Desire

I would like to extend to you a special self discovery call and learn more about how I may serve you best. 

Schedule a Consultation

*Programs start at $1500 per month

If for any reason you are not able to join this program please contact me and I will direct you to free resources to help you get started on your way!