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In this fast-paced world, our fight for survival can be polarizing with ‘He said, She said’ or ‘I’m right, You’re wrong’. It’s all too easy to fall into a disconnected abyss where life and the choices we make are influenced by resentment, anger, arguments, frustration, affairs, sexual dissatisfaction, pain, poor health and isolation. These are just some signs that show the lack of quality intimate connection in your life. Lack of intimacy is the biggest factor in sexual and relationship dissatisfaction.

I invite you to leave the performance anxiety behind and open up to being your unapologetically authentic self, present and confident, whether in the bedroom or in the office.

When we bring such embodied presence and awareness into all our experiences, we feel more heard, seen, safe and cared for. Our choices in life begin to take on a new form which show more care for the collective or ecosystem around us. From this place of profound intimate connection, we become better humans, more available for life.


You’re reading this because you’re ready to feel more emotionally connected, and to live in thriving environments that encourage you to explore your innermost desires.

I know you want to argue less, love more, feel happier and more centered in your life.

I will guide you by showing you rather than telling you. I’m here to show you how to make your relationship and human-relating experiences clearer, easier and more pleasurable so you can develop long-lasting emotional intelligence that will serve you, whether at home or out in the world.

My life’s calling is to take you on a journey of coming home to yourself. The place where true freedom lives within, where you discover that being intimate with yourself deepens the flourishing connection you’ll have with others in your life. One that is kinder and gentler to your whole being.

Imagine experiencing more passion, pleasure and direct purpose, while learning the skills to make relationships more soulful, communication simpler and intimacy mutually pleasurable whether at home, work and play?

How much more enjoyable and potent would your life be?

Talk is an integral part of your life.

But building a mind-body connection is the key to sustainability in your relationships.

I’m here to guide you back home to you!

Lack of sexual fulfillment, premature ejaculation, porn addiction, binge-eating and compulsive behaviors merely fill a void in your life but they can be overcome when you reconnect with yourself. Your true desires may not be what others expect of you but they are embedded in your soul.

Know you are not alone. I will be right there by your side, and I have heard the deepest and darkest of secrets. Through our established boundaries, we will create a safe, respectable and comfortable environment where you feel fully supported in our time together.

You will emerge as a refreshed, emotionally nourished and invigorated being who is fully connected to their innermost desires.

How would it feel to be at ease with what you truly want in life?

My Soulful Relating 7-Step system focuses on embodying the connection between your external and internal worlds. As we explore together you’ll discover what truly lights you up, what desires are burning inside you and learn all the skills you need to incorporate your voice, presence and passions into the world and your relationships.


Get What Your Really want – Successful Relationship Teams

If packed agendas or performance anxiety in the workplace rule your life, your personal relationships and ability to be intimate with anyone suffer while feelings of frustration and aggression often overshadow everything else. The lack of emotional connection compromises healthy relationships and quality communication while your ability to inspire your working teams, whether on stage or in person, is impacted.

Together we will discover how showing up in your personal and professional life as a fully connected being will make you stand out as the authentic leader you’re meant to be. With the pleasures of life and inspiration readily at your fingertips, you will attract all the right people into your life. And when you create a supportive and sustainable foundation for all of your relationships, you’ll experience the confidence and intimate soul connections to achieve creative success and impactful relationships at home, work or in play.

Your True Worth and Unique Gifts

You are perfect exactly as you are and your unique way of being is a gift to this world! You have a deep yearning for more — to feel more, share more, and express more but you unconsciously sabotage yourself from it all. In our safe space, free from judgement and fear, you will discover your worth and value are NOT dependent on other people’s opinions. Today is the day we will access more of you to shine together!

Old patterns, ideas and stories have been hidden within your subconscious for far too long. We will unearth them, bring them into the light so you have the freedom and confidence to express all parts of yourself. As you gain insight and understanding you will meet these parts you might have condemned in the past with compassion. Today is the day you will develop a new loving relationship with yourself! I will guide you to create a paradigm shift from your former sabotaging self and free you to be successful in all aspects of your life.

Create Life and Relationships on Your own Terms

Life is stressful enough without having to live it on someone else’s terms. When you’re going through life with gritted teeth or a forced smile, it’s adding unnecessary stress to your life which will lead to health problems and emotional disconnection, preventing you from expressing your innermost desires.

Together, we’ll explore your deepest desires, what makes you come alive. You will learn how to create a safe environment to explore your fierce fiery passion, reveal your vulnerable yearnings and desires, along with the pains, mournings and sadness that often gets locked down and forgotten. When you’re free from all the expectations you believe are on your shoulders, you have more creative success and a fulfilling life that’s emotionally, physically and intimately connected.

The Power of Touch and Consciousness on Your Path to Being an Exceptional Lover

As humans, we crave physical contact. Have you ever experienced a kiss or the feel of fingers trailing across your skin that left you wanting more? Or a touch that left your skin crawling, making you shrink from it? Learning how to touch in a way that invites more pleasure is not something you would naturally know. With the knowledge and understanding in providing yourself or someone else with a life-affirming touch, you open up to a world of awareness and pleasures beyond your wildest desires.

When you clearly communicate your requests and desires from a place of knowing, it creates the foundation for a healthy relationship with yourself and your lover. Let me guide you to become more aware of how crucial life-affirming touch is in your life. Your world will become more luxurious and sensual, all in service to you living and loving in ways you never knew possible.

Feelings, Needs, Boundaries are an Act of Love

In our fast-paced world, it’s common to hear people feeling stressed, frustrated, or burnt out from spreading themselves too thin in their work and personal lives. Without healthy boundaries, this can lead to anxiety, resentment, sexual dissatisfaction, and poor well-being.

We’ll dive into your true desires, to discover what you really want from life, so you can build healthy boundaries that will provide you with a successful and thriving life. By acknowledging your authentic feelings and needs, you will deepen the emotional connection to yourself so you can show up for life as a fully embodied being.

Relationship with your Sex, Sexual Energy and Desire

Having a healthy relationship with your sexuality and desire is a gift to any relationship. We are all sexual beings and we all feel desire. But how often have you felt desire and feared it to the point that it controlled you? Seeing sex as a mere physical act is limiting, however when we develop a relationship with our desire and sexual energy, sex can become a soulful erotic experience.

How would it feel to have someone kiss you, touch you and bring your body on a journey to pleasure without the subsequent shame? The moment you tap into your sexual energy, you live a more sensual and full-bodied life. You will feel more fueled not just in the bedroom but in all your creative endeavors. Talking with someone or walking through the park will become erotically stimulating experiences. And I’m here to guide you back to understanding your arousal states and how to use your sexual energy to increase vitality and quality of life.

Win/Win Communication for Everyone

Have you ever had a conversation or a meeting where everyone leaves feeling disgruntled and frustrated at not being heard? Clear communication is important in life, not just in your professional life but even more so in your personal relationships. You may now be at the point of knowing what you want, but it can be difficult to actually express it. Having a disagreement or different opinions in the workplace can go into an abyss of debate. And sharing something you might have been hiding, bring up an emotionally triggering subject, or begin a conversation about a sexual fantasy that you felt shame around with a loved one can be debilitating.

Here, I’ll guide you on how you can become a more concise, effective and compassionate communicator. You will learn how to identify your feelings and needs, develop a compassionate presence while deeply listening to and supporting someone else’s needs so they feel seen and heard. When you deliver your requests with ease and let go of demanding what you want, you set yourself free. When you feel confident in expressing your wants, you harness the power to create successful and thriving relationships in your work and personal life.

Your Emotions are your Greatest Allies

Growing up, you may not have been taught how important your emotions are in life. Society teaches us to stop crying or feeling anger immediately, to not discover where those emotions stem from which cuts us off from ourselves. When you can explore your emotions without shame, guilt or resentment, you can learn what they mean and why you’re feeling them. Our emotions are actually messengers letting us know what we need in the moment. When they are ignored or shut out, our relationships eventually suffer.

I’ll guide you to understand your emotions so they are your greatest allies, showing you invaluable information about your feelings and needs. They’re asking you to create a safe environment to listen and give them the love they may have never had before. Together we will cultivate your emotional intelligence so you have the embodied skills and awareness to build healthy relationships which all start with YOU!


I work with clients for a full 2.5 day weekend intensive or in 90 to 120 day segments. As I only choose to see a few private clients at a time, it means you will receive more of my presence and care. During these time periods we will either meet in person (if I’m in your city) or via zoom/Skype.

During the program, we’ll have 12 in-person meetings and (3) 15-minute phone check ins.

  • Bonus recorded sessions and personalized processes to support your home practice
  • Priority email access for quick questions and feedback

You’ll Also Receive These Valuable Bonuses:

  • 1 Ticket to one of my 3 or 4-hour events (to be used within 6 Months from time program starts)
  • From Survive to Thrive, a 20 minute Audio Home Practice to Awaken Daily Pleasure and Connection
  • My new book, “Revolutionizing Intimacy”, your step-by-step manual to Navigating Connection in a Disconnected World

It’s an honor to have this opportunity to share this journey and guide you along the way.

The fact that you’re reading this tells me you’re ready to let your heart lead the way. It’s time to say YES to igniting more passion, pleasure, and purpose in your life from the bedroom to the office.

I would like to extend to you a special self discovery call and learn more about how I may serve you best. Click the “Let’s Connect” button to schedule.

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