Today’s topic is love, and where are those places that you believe or have the belief that love hurts? Those moments where you feel your heart has broken into a million pieces through a relationship transition/break-up, or where a loved one or family member does something that feels painful. When a loved one’s choices or actions go against what you were desiring, what you’re yearning for. And so, the first response is a contraction, a fear of love and the idea that love hurts. Today I’m here to invite a different perspective. That love is not what hurts. What hurts is our response to the experience that was uncomfortable.

That might’ve felt like a denial of our desires or what we want, a rejection.

And due to that, a response is to protect oneself. Armor, defense starts to set in around the heart and the body. And you can imagine the breath gets held, right? The breathing gets held, so you don’t have to feel. Everything pulls up to our center, the heart, the musculature, everything starts to contract. And we begin to build this wall around us. And that wall stops the flow of love.

It prevents the expression outward and the capacity of how much we can receive.

Love is infinite. It is boundless. And so remember what hurts is that constriction, that contraction, those places where you are resisting and blocking the flow of love because that part of you feels like it needs to for that moment protect itself. In such a moment, find a place where the nervous system, body, and the resistance can feel safe and open. I love going and sitting by big, giant nourishing trees in such moments.  These places that resource you will start to invite in different States to your being in your nervous system. So remember, love does not hurt it is our resistance when we choose to block the flow of receiving and sharing of love that hurts.

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