Bound To Liberated 4 Part Video Course


From Bound to Liberated, A 4-Part Strategy to Authentically Express Your Desires

“I am married and still find myself holding back sharing most of my sexual desires and adventure side, either feeling scared for what my partner would think. I feel intimidated and fearful that when they learned that side of me that they will judge me and they will run on the other direction. Feeling lost, insecure and not sure where to turn”.

Does this sound all too familiar in life? 

Does guilt or shame keep you frozen, holding back your desires? 

What would life be like to feel more ease, confidence and the ability to turn your desires into invitations for deeper intimate connection and mutually satisfying pleasure?

In this video series I will share my 4-part strategy to being authentic in expressing your desires while making it fun, explorative and playful.

Together we will dive into the topics of sexual liberation, desire and the shame that might be shadowing it.  Plus learn tools and processes to support emotional repatterning, skillful communication and discover more about what sexual desire means to you in your life and relationship.



Course Includes:

  • 4 Part Video Series
  • PDF Handouts For Each Part


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