What would your life be like with authentic intimacy and connection?
How would it feel to have more confidence and certainty?
Imagine expanding your ability to share and receive more pleasure with less shame…


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I invite you to come and experience a Special VIP Intimacy Mastery Immersion created especially for you.

Immerse yourself in a new world which we will co-create. Bathe in the depths of Intimacy, learn to amplify states of arousal and turn your sex life into a soul connection – with more confidence to have passionate and healthy relationships.


Surrender to pleasure and timelessness as you develop a new love and passion for life, awakening to profound heights of conscious pleasure, new levels of mindful awareness and exploring potentially new territories of your desire.

During our time together you will:

  • Discover How to Be an Extraordinary Lover
  • Deepen skills in Compassionate Authentic Communication, Conscious Touch, and Soulful Sexuality
  • Clear Away Anything old sabotage patterns while increasing your confidence
  • Explore the Art of Adoration
  • Cultivate new levels of Mindful Awareness
  • Develop or deepen skills in Love and Seduction
  • Become Allies with your Sexual Energy
  • Experience Sensual Ceremony

With the focus and energy you will learn how to redirect this in your daily life to continue to transform old patterns at the cellular level that no longer serve this new way of living and relationship which you are calling in.

This VIP experience will be filled with magic for personal renewal, pleasure for an ecstatic life, and will certainly awaken the beautifully sensuous lover within you.

This retreat is an invitation like no other, to bring awareness to the way you experience love, live in relationship, and relate to sexuality. It is an opportunity to immerse yourself into a world of self discovery and learn to transform lovemaking into a blissfully soulful experience.

This private VIP Intimacy Mastery Immersion can be experienced as a 2-day, 7-Day or 3 week private luxury retreat in a special destination of choice.