Finding intimacy with oneself within Stillness

I would like to share a story. A young boy was out skipping through the forest. In his hand he had the most precious of stones. He was singing, skipping, tossing the stone around in his hands. As he came upon a pristine lake he was in such awe, that he lost his footing and tripped over a stone. Suddenly that precious stone was sparkling through air as it flew out of his hands and soon was sinking to the bottom of the lake.

For a moment he saw the stone glistening with the suns light reflecting through the waters yet suddenly he began to feel the loss. What shall I do he thought. So he jumped into the water in a panic began. He was swimming, splashing, diving in the chaos of seeking. The more he looked the, more waves he created which made visibility so much worse.

Soon he was exhausted and thought it was lost forever. He sat himself up on a rock aside the lake so tired unable to even move. Yet in this exhaustion he was suddenly forced to be still, accept the his precious stone was lost.

He opened his eyes in amazement. The lake was calm and looked like liquid glass. So calm that the sun shined down upon it and he saw a glistening light in the water. Their it was, for the stone was a diamond. Within all the chaos and effort he would have never have found it. Yet when he let go, became still and stopped seeking he saw this diamond was never lost. it was there all along.

My personal promise to living intimately connected to myself

Today I sit in ceremony in deep devotion to myself. To my body, heart, soul, blood and bones. The stillness calls in to awaken to a new sense of enthusiasm, creativity and pure joy.

I offer an apology for ways I may have stumbled, lost my path at times. For the times I had panicked and feared I had lost that diamond, rather than trusted. I am sorry for the moments I may have not listened, pushed myself harder than was in the highest good. For no matter what you continue to always unconditionally take care of me. For this I am humbly grateful.

Today I let go to place upon this earth as an offering all which has bound me. That which I have allowed to keep me captive, held down. I offer that which no longer serves the full richness of my creative source energy to be birthed into full expression in the world.

Take this offering mama earth into your rich soils, to be recycled anew. So the fresh fertilizer nourishes new growth, new gardens and forests to flourish.

I promise to take care, be in deep listening. I am in divine partnership with this body temple, heart , soul, body and mind. Together to listen, love, pause, rest, slow down, play, laugh and touch.

Weaving together the priestess, lover, mother, child, wild woman, the dark and light so they understand their interconnectedness and surrender to the highest of paths for this being. Today I let go of fight , struggle, force and allow my inner warrior to return to peace and presence in this partnership.

I bow in deep reverence to living in radical intimacy with all within me and all around me. I return in allowing the ever changing ways of nature to be of my path. To love more, to live more, to feel more, to be more…..

So Be it, So it is AHO!

PS: Share your stories. Reflect on how you have stepped away from your self connection, lost touch with your body, felt you stopped living the way your heart finds joy.