WOW was this fun! 

Did you happen to catch episode 4 in The Elevate Live-Stream Series? It was content-packed and so much fun sharing in this conversation with my dear friend Sex and Relationship Educator Reid Mihalko. We explored some of our best practices for turning conflict into loving connection, shared easy to follow communication formulas for you to use in your relationships, and ways to keep those intimate moments amid social distancing. Scroll down to tune into last week’s session with Reid and let me know what you think! 

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💪 This series has already had an INCREDIBLE impact! We offer guidance on being self-sourced, optimal wellbeing body, mind, and spirit plus mindset reframes and practical tips and best practice to apply to your own life, relationships and business world. 

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Listen in below and let me know your biggest take away from this conversation. 👇👇👇 


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Weekly Schedule and Where to find US…

We are hosting a free Elevate Series Tuesdays and Fridays through May 18th.   To stay in touch throughout the ELEVATE series, check each day for a schedule of events and to tune into the LIVE Events

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