Managing Developing Relationships & Expectations

It can be challenging to manage developing relationships and the expectations we carry. How do we have those difficult conversations?   I am sure you have experienced moments where you love and care about someone and don't want to hurt their feelings. Or how about the fear of your friend or loved one feeling rejected [...]

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When You Believe Love Hurts

Today's topic is love, and where are those places that you believe or have the belief that love hurts? Those moments where you feel your heart has broken into a million pieces through a relationship transition/break-up, or where a loved one or family member does something that feels painful. When a loved one's choices or [...]

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Deeper Thinking About Sexual Misconduct and Giving Our Power Away

I love unpacking ideas and believe cultivating a deeper understanding of these topics are essential to creating change for humanity and in our own lives.  Recently I was on a date and we were having the sex talk. I have a sexual boundary when I am still getting to know someone that I use a condom during oral sex. The person I was with really wanted to have oral sex without a condom. They were knowledgeable in the field of health and expounded about how safe unprotected oral sex is. Some may see this as a person doing their best to manipulate a situation. To convince me to override my own personal boundary.

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When Your Sexual Expectations Fail You

Where do your self-expectations and agenda in the bedroom interfere with truly experiencing the intimacy you desire?  Imagine you’re on a date with your partner, your mind is racing with ideas of how you want the night to be, how you are going to be that wild, passionate man which includes getting an erection, staying erect and having the most powerful ejaculation of a lifetime! But... what if now that your mind is so busy, your parts just won't comply?

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Finding intimacy with oneself within Stillness

I would like to share a story. A young boy was out skipping through the forest. In his hand he had the most precious of stones. He was singing, skipping, tossing the stone around in his hands. As he came upon a pristine lake he was in such awe, that he lost his footing and tripped over a stone. Suddenly that precious stone was sparkling through air as it flew out of his hands and soon was sinking to the bottom of the lake.

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