ELEVATE Live Session #4 Sex & Relationship Educators Tziporah & Reid Mihalko

WOW was this fun!  Did you happen to catch episode 4 in The Elevate Live-Stream Series? It was content-packed and so much fun sharing in this conversation with my dear friend Sex and Relationship Educator Reid Mihalko. We explored some of our best practices for turning conflict into loving connection, shared easy to follow communication [...]

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8 Simple Steps to Deep Listening

  Check in and make sure you are in a place where you have the capacity, the energy, and bandwidth to really offer the other person your undivided attention and presence. For example, “I can feel your excitement to share this, and you deserve my 100% presence in this conversation. However, I am noticing I [...]

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Upgrade Your Sex Life Through Breathwork

Have you heard of breath work?  I ask people often when they come to work with me if they are breathing. They look at me with questionable eyes, "What do you mean? Of course I am breathing."  Well, did you know that most of the population of humans only use about one-third of their respiratory [...]

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Ending Sexual Abuse Through Humanization

12 Men, 12 Humans, 12 Sex Offenders, receiving a chance to be empowered to make different choices in life. An invitation to live my Dharma more fully found me late in 2019.   Imagine living identified as a number or a title. Imagine not having a name, having your humanness  forgotten in a system, and [...]

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Turn Conflict into Loving Connection

Conflict can happen during any season where stress is elevated whether it be with our partners, friends or family. It can get crazy with so many personalities and so many needs wanting to be met. I so get it! This is why I want to bring to light more of the messy tough moments so [...]

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NO, is a Loving Word

The truth is I don't always want to be touched, kissed, or actively share affection with my partner.    Seriously, someday’s, I wake up, and I desire to have a day in silence, just with myself exploring, turning my attention and energy inwards. I don't want to be touched or to touch. I don't desire [...]

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The Closed Door

What do you do when you find yourself emotionally triggered within a relationship dynamic. My partner and I enjoy geeking out on relational topics especially as we explore co-creating relationship on our terms and not what society tells us is the "right" way or what has been role modeled to us in our upbringing.

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What Do You Mean You Won’t Fulfill All My Needs?!

While it is not your partner's responsibility to fulfill your needs what happens is often those choosing to be in a relationship share in similar needs, values and desires in life. By sharing the same values and aspirations, we naturally meet in our shared yes versus doing what so often happens such as being accommodating and overriding our own needs.

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The Art of Honoring The Cock

In my personal experience, when I think of oral sex or oral pleasing, I see it as an expression of honoring the cock. I melt with pleasure every time I intentionally traverse my lover's body. Here is where presence is the best presence of all.

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