Revolutionizing Intimacy

Re·v·o·lu·tion: a radical or pervasive change in something.

Seeing, hearing, and truly understanding someone else is an intimate act of great change. Too long our fight for survival has predominated our relationships at the expense of intimacy. When all most of us want is to feel love and connection.

This book is a blueprint for knowing ourselves and the ones we love more deeply.

Revolutionizing Intimacy provides tools, skills, and practices to live free and joyfully and connected. These are the kinds of things we didn’t learn in school, and most of us didn’t learn them at home, either. It is an invitation to question what is not working anymore, where you have been caught up in emotional loops and old relationship patterns.

The depth of intimacy explored within is a place where all the walls come down and there can be no hiding from yourself or others. There is no more inauthentic pretending to be someone you are not in order to please another or yourself.

This book is calling people to show up differently in their home life, work life and world as a whole. It is gently letting them know that with willingness, commitment and compassion, change is inevitable. Revolutionizing Intimacy is not just a book but a blueprint offered to its readers on how to navigate connection in a disconnected world.”

What Others Are Saying About Revolutionizing Intimacy

Tziporah provides very real, tangible ways to awaken in the body, while offering you the reader her heartfelt guidance in learning new emotional intelligence skills to enhance your life and relationships. I highly recommend this book!

– Scott Catamas, Emmy Award-winning writer/producer and co-founder of the Love Coach Academy

It’s about time that we have a book speaking to the importance of Pleasure and Intimacy as our birthright and as a healing force in this world.

– Jaiya, Sexologist & Creator of The ERotic Blueprints™

Tziporah’s chapter on conscious uncoupling alone is worth taking a copy of this book home with you tonight. I applaud her fierce heart, keen mind, and gentle, vulnerable way she conveys her story so that readers everywhere can take steps toward living more vibrant, connected, self-expressed lives.

~Reid Mihalko of


A Pocketful of Intimate Insights

This 4×6 pocketbook of quotes is an invitation to open your heart to a profound state of relating, free your mind of the emotional burdens, and awaken your senses to life. 

“This boundless form of intimacy is like an infinite garden without walls or borders.  It is priceless material and wisdom to cultivate, cherish, and nourish.” 
– Tziporah Kingsbury, Soulful Relating Institute