Let’s Talk About Sex

Let’s talk about sex! But let’s talk about it in a different way. We’re not going to talk about the oh-that-feels-so-good, get-me-off kind of sex, but the kind of sex that is all-encompassing where you feel you are making love to life. This is a journey of remembering the profound nature of your sexuality and the wild ride which may await you. 

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Better Sex through Meditation

Are you ready to have More Intimacy, Clearer Communication and an even better Sexual Connection in your relationships? In my work with clients over the past 20 years, these are the questions, wants and desires that I see time and time again. They want to be more intimate, be heard and have a stronger sexual connection.

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Are You Spun Too Tight?

In our lives, we often follow a continuous path forward. Constantly pushing, striving, and asking ourselves what the next step should be – what the next “thing” is to accomplish. What is often missed on this continuous path to accomplishment is a key step: Unwinding. To literally pause and become empty.

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You Can Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

How often have you really, I mean really wanted something?   Yet your old belief system told you that you did not deserve it?  Or, afraid of what others may think, you held yourself back from asking for it? Maybe at some point you really wanted a meal made a certain way? You had a preference on a date yet settled without speaking your mind? How many times have you held yourself back from sharing a sexual desire or fantasy?

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Fuel for Empowering Relationships

A relationship requires a certain level of commitment and obligation. When I say relationship, I’m not just considering romantic relationships with a boyfriend, partner or spouse, I’m considering all of the relationships possible in our lives.

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New Years Resolution Bust

It is the time of year when most of the world is caught up in planning, setting goals and deciding on a New Year’s resolution. These actions all sound very positive. Who could deny that joining a gym, attending a yoga class regularly, join a dating sight or making commitments to exercise more and eat less are bad things? Truth is they aren’t, but the way that you go about achieving these goals is what causes most of us to give up on these changes and revert back to your old habits.

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2014 My Year In Review – Transition and Re-Birth

Travel has taken me near and far. New experiences in 3 other countries. Moments of what seemed to be an emotional crisis. A rites of passage like no other through pregnancy and the mourning of a termination. A new declaration to my commitment to my service in the world through my work. A guest appearance on prime time Television show for my work as a Love and Relationship Expert. An up leveling to my business model. A shift into deepening relationship with my beloved partner.

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The Simple Act of Hugging Makes Lasting Changes to Any Relationship

Hugging, is it the sweet embrace we run away from or melt into it. Half way in, half way out. Today I was reminding how much I love hugging! Especially when two people have the ability to just be in the hug, breath together, be still together, laugh and drop into an open heart. However hugging seems so simple yet in society and possibly for many hugging is downright scary.

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