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Welcome to a shame-free environment which celebrates bringing more quality emotional, physical and sexual intimacy into your life.

As a Somatic Intimacy and Relationship Educator, I help adults of all genders to feel safe in their body and confident with emotional and sexual intimacy so they can have mutually fulfilling relationships personally and professionally.”

Do you consider yourself a passionate high achieving, passion focused adult who has feared speaking up vulnerably, you feel disconnected, and unsure of what you need in your personal life or how to ask for it, but you know you are wanting something different? If so, you are in the perfect place.

You are here to co-create a life where emotional intimacy feels safe, sexual intimacy is mutually satisfying  and communication simplified so you can live feeling connected, fulfilled and passionate in all you do. 

I will provide you with an unconditional place, free for you to understand and discover more of you. With a tender heart and open mind I will travel with you on a journey to unmask your inner freedom, expression and compassion unlocking the you that you have always wanted to be.

We can meet together in person, in groups or online. The choice is yours. I invite you to explore my site to reveal what you truly desire and how you can attain it.

10 Week Virtual Live Course

Gain the skills and inner peace to transform your relationships with parents, children, partners, and colleagues with deeper connection, honest communication, and being authentically you. You will leave having more confidence, self-esteem and skills in creating a new found emotional intimacy.

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Intimacy and Compassion are the bridge to a deeper Human Connection.

With me by your side we will cross that bridge into your new world.

When I imagine intimacy, I feel it as a beautiful synergy of deep connection, awareness, presence, mindfulness and the ability to feel life on a visceral level. Being intimate is not just about romantic love, it’s profound embodied connection, developing good communication skills, and enhancing pleasure in all aspects of life, free from the expectations of others.

Billionaires to struggling actors, couples about to break up to people who see they will never find a mate, lonely unfulfilled individuals lost in their daily grind to someone looking for an answer.

Imagine your most intimate moment — a conversation, a touch, a kiss — where it infuses your entire body with energy, where every breath leaves you feeling ALIVE, and where you know you are heard, safe and cared for — in the bedroom, at home or in the workplace, and in life overall.


I’m an intimacy and mindful relationship educator. My passion in life is identifying your innermost desires so you can feel more connected, easeful, intimate and have more fun. We don’t just talk about these subjects, we experience them in a safe shame-free space, leaving the stresses of life and judgement at the door.

I’ve helped thousands of people — individuals, couples and organizations — create a unique intimate connection with themselves, their partners and co-workers by developing healthy relationships and clear boundaries that impact all aspects of their lives.

As part of my training I have been teaching and offering Integrative Breath Work Therapy for nearly two-decades in seminars and individually. A perfect agency for resolving suffering, resolve stress holding patterns and accessing daily peace, connection to self and others and more pleasure states. This is why it is the foundation of all my Soulful Relating programs. As seen here

Are you curious to know what your life would be like if you tapped into this inner potency?

I’m passionate about helping you generate more pleasure, more fun, to feel confident and secure in yourself freeing you to live how you truly desire.

I’m on your side and we will do this together!

I personally tailor this unique Soulful Relating 7-Step System to meet you where you are now.


“Working with Tziporah and her Soulful Relating System (TM) has empowered me to take greater personal and business risks. I feel a deeper connection with myself, my family and my business partners.”

Ken Foster, Best Selling Author & Business Strategist

“Working with Tziporah has been a game changer. Since I started working with her, I have found my authentic self and communicate my beliefs and values more compassionately, making me more attractive both at home and in business. I have seen an uptick of 25% in my business and professional relationships. With my newfound purpose and long term direction, I have deeper intimacy and connection at home, my personal relationships are flourishing, and I am happier than I ever have been in my life. If you feel stuck in your life, loss of intimacy, or something is missing, I highly encourage working with Tziporah. It is a life-changing.”

Daniel H., CEO, Start Up Company

“Tziporah is a master at building a grounded and clear context for deep internal shifting. She is one of the most reliable and committed facilitators I’ve known. Participating in one of her workshops is both playful and profound, both hard work yet full of pleasure. My erotic nature always expands my idea of who I am and Tziporah serves as a gifted guide to accessing that power.”

Ashley Rose, Artist, Actress & Transformational Facilitator

“Working in the intense high pressure and fast-paced world of TV, it’s easy to be cynical and jaded in relating to people in the business. By developing deep listening and compassionate communication skills, Tziporah taught me to transform the way I relate to colleagues, networks and contributors. Working with Tziporah has truly been a wonderful exciting experience making me a more effective communicator, a better listener and able to navigate through the daily pressures and stresses with an enlightened new outlook.”

SR, Executive TV Producer