The Soulful Relating 90-Day Mentoring Program

7-Steps to Creating Profound Relationships
From the Bedroom to the Boardroom

  • Magnetize the love, intimacy and connection you desire–either with your current partner, your ideal mate or business collaboration
  • Gain the confidence to show up as authentically YOU in all your relationships
  • Attract your ideal partnerships both personally and professionally
  • Build deep-seated trust in yourself–the key to creating what you most want in life
  • Communicate in ways that get you heard, seen and understood, bringing you to fulfilling relationships and creative success
  • Unleash unwavering presence, have the ability to deeply listen and understand what others feel and need more effectively
  • Build your emotional intelligence and empathize with yourself and others by identifying feelings and needs.
  • Tap into your sensual aliveness and allow it to be your fuel and guide–in and out of the bedroom and the boardroom
  • Lead with grace, power and vulnerability
  • Discover, set and communicate your boundaries (say “no” when you mean “no”) so that you clearly communicate and artfully articulate what you want
  • Own your sexual power and wisdom, so that you can create a profound, spiritually-connected sexual experience with your mate
  • Release shame–sexually, bodily and from childhood–so that you feel FREE and empowered to be FULLY who you are
  • Awaken a connection with your sexuality and spirituality

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Stepping Stones: Transitioning Through Loss Into An Embodied Life!

When a woman become pregnant, the body begins to prepare for the upcoming birth. Physical, physiological and emotional preparations begin automatically to make sure that the mother and unborn child are cared for and nurtured.

When there is a pregnancy loss through abortion or miscarriage, the body and mind become confused. They are unsure of what to do and how to handle the loss.

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 Host a Group or Attend an Event

Are you wanting a new creative way to creating bonding experiences with friends, family and community?
Do you desire to get you toes wet before fully diving into one on one mentorship?

Group events are a wonderful way to explore and learn through experience how to shift old emotional patterns, access greater clarity, calm the mind and open the heart in new profound ways. Why only have one way, when you have the various flavors to choose from when it comes to my signature workshops and classes. These can also be personalized for your group.

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Tziporah offers products that are easily accessible as digital downloads. These are great tools to enhance and enrich your daily meditations and practices to stay in tuned with nourishing yourself and activating mindful loving in your life.

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