Soulful Relating Leadership Training – The Personal Journey

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A 5-Day Transformational Training for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Healers, and Holistic Practitioners to Claim Your Power and Become a Magnetic Heart-Centered Leader in Your Business & Life

Free Yourself from the Patterns of the Past That Keep You Stuck and Frustrated and Claim Your Wisdom, Power and Abundance as a Transformational Heart-Centered Leader

Chances are you know in your heart you are here to serve others and make the world a better place. You got into your business or career because what lights you up is to give your greatest gifts and witness the fruits of this in the growth, healing and transformation of others.

However, you may find that as deep as your desire is to serve and live in the world consciously, you still find that you’re stuck in stressful patterns of trying to “make it happen” in your business and life.

This can show up as chronic tension in the body, unhealthy habits, unfulfilling relationships or not finding the love you want, or having a business or career that isn’t creating the abundance and lifestyle freedom you crave.

While you appreciate what you have, you know in your heart there’s so much MORE to experience in this life. You’re ready for that next level, where every area of your life is healed, transformed and you are born to a new way of being — as the transformational heart-centered leader you are meant to be.


This is about you showing up with a fierceness to share your truth and not hold back your gifts, plus a willingness to take a passionate stand in the world and to share your journey with transparency, vulnerability, grace and humility.


This is about you having crystal clarity on your purpose, the gifts you’re here to give and the ways you’re here to serve, and stepping out on faith with courage and conviction as you follow your heart and step into unknown territory — as you lead your tribe with bold action, even when you feel shaky or uncertain.


Claim Your Wisdom, Power & Abundance with the 5-Day Personal Journey into the Soulful Relating Leadership Course

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