Tziporah Kingsbury, founder of the Soulful Relating Institute™, is a world-renowned transformational leader, intimacy and relationship alchemist, as well as a breathwork specialist serving clients worldwide.

Author, of the upcoming book Revolutionizing Intimacy, she is most recently known for being featured on ABC’s The Bachelor and called “America’s Love Guru.”

Creator of the Revolutionizing Intimacy 7-Step System™, Tziporah specializes in guiding consciously-minded leaders, entrepreneurs, and couples to awaken their spiritual, sensual and sexual aliveness, so they can create profound relationships from the bedroom to the boardroom.

“I love empowering my clients to feel safe again and to feel the breadth and depth of their experiences. Even more, I am thrilled with what happens in my client’s lives when they let life itself become one intimate journey,” says Tziporah of her mission. For her, it is more than her life’s work; it is her passion.





The Book

Now, this powerful visionary and leader is bringing her work to the world in another format. Her upcoming book Revolutionizing Intimacy promises to place the tools for greater intimacy and more joyful relationships in the hands of people everywhere.

This book is the “how” in reconnecting people with their essence and with others on spiritual, emotional, and physical planes. This book challenges old paradigm concepts and guides its readers to gently finding their ways into greater mindfulness, authenticity, ownership, emotional self-responsibility, and connection to body, spirit, and sexuality.


Her passionate stand in the world is to revolutionize intimacy among individuals and couples, which means empowering them to tap into their body and emotional intelligence as a healing force and experience authenticity, connection and pleasure in all their relationships. She has been featured on shows such as San Diego Morning Show, Fox News, KUSI News, UT San Diego and in USA Today.

While there are romantic benefits to her work, her practice is primarily about how we–individuals and partners–may uncover and clear the emotional heaviness to awaken the awareness of an intimate inter-connectedness between each moment and all beings. There is a fullness in her method that goes beyond merely constructing a process to enable romance, or a technique to act intimately. Under her guidance, relationships of all kinds thrive with power, truth, and pleasure.

Tziporah’s Story

My passion was inspired in the mid-nineties after my own awakening moment. I woke up one day barely able to walk after years of pushing myself beyond my limits in competitive bodybuilding and in unfulfilling relationships. I literally knew it was time to change or die. My whole being said, “Enough is enough” and I fully realized and accepted that I was responsible for making healthy changes within myself. I realized that health is about more than physical form. Forced to feel immense emotional and physical pain, I chose to dive in deeper into my own journey – including seven years of celibacy – which was the starting point to what is now called The Soulful Relating Institute.

I am a guide to assist clients in reconnecting to their voice again, and to access their emotional & sexual intimacy with themselves and their partners. This opens up doors so you are able to show up fully in your power and brilliance in your work and life purpose, resulting in creating win-win connections, asking for what you’re worth, and feeling focused and fulfilled from the bedroom to the boardroom.

I believe life itself has so much to teach us if we only slowed down long enough to feel it, to listen to it.

My personal fuel comes from this still place. When I am not holding space or traveling the world I am out on the land, practicing yoga, or deep in my Vipassana meditations and self-inquiry.

When I am centered and connected the more capacity I have for intimacy in my life.

“Tantra is a way of feeling life through you, you become it and all else falls into place. Force stops, sensual aliveness is a natural state of being. This is when life is making love through you.

We forget how to allow others deep into the vulnerable places inside of us. These places may have been judged as not appropriate or things that no one sees. This has only created separation. Deep down most yearn to be seen, to be really felt, understood,” says Tziporah.”That’s what Revolutionizing Intimacy allows.”

Training and Background

Her roots are deep in shamanic practice, creating pathways to spiritual and emotional health. She has decades of training and studying around the globe in many disciplines including Integrated breath work (Transformational Breath work™), various yogic and shamanic traditions, movement therapy meditation, conscious communication, empathy development, tantra, psycho-spiritual counseling, life coaching, body science and conscious sexuality. As well, Tziporah’s work has been influenced through her vast experience in various styles of bodywork, wholistic healing arts, and “the work” by Byron Katie, self-inquiry, and meditation.

Press and Media

Excerpt from The Bachelor:



Public Speaking:


Those who work with Tziporah feel an instant understanding that they are safe, even as they are stretched beyond their initial understandings about themselves, romance, intimacy, and even love itself. She helps people to feel safe again, to be still enough to listen to their bodies, and to embrace their fears and emotions. She guides people to realize and embody a life lived turned on, connected, and empowered in their sexuality with spiritual presence.


1184812_633429970013597_418584251_n“I have worked with many healers and facilitators and few have the diverse knowledge, lived wisdom and heart that Tziporah brings to her work. Soulful Relating Institute’s program has enabled me to develop a deep sense of presence, connection to spirit and skills so I’m able to help my clients have bigger breakthroughs. The added bonus is the change to more intimacy and communication with my family.”

Sheryl Watson

Shamanic Practitioner




“I’m deeply grateful for Tziporah’s transformational mentoring! Before working with her, I was feeling frustrated by the lack of intimacy in my marriage, after 9 years together and having our son. My relationship overall with my husband was great, but I knew there was so much more to experience with one another as far as depth, emotional connection and physical intimacy.

Through our couples and individual sessions with Tziporah, my husband and I have been slowly peeling back the layers that have kept us from showing up with full transparency and authenticity. We are now regularly having date nights and are connecting with each other at a whole new amazing level. This deep inner work has also empowered me as an entrepreneur to show up fiercely and authentically with my clients, stand strong in my feminine leadership, and attract new opportunities, clients and money from a place of clarity and ease. A deep bow of gratitude to you, Tziporah, for helping me transform these key areas of my life.”

Rebecca Massoud

Business Soul + Success Coach


Tziporah’s thoughts on Revolutionizing Intimacy