Tziporah, thank you for accepting our invitation and bringing your wisdom, radiance and inspiration to our home.You have created a very safe space that welcomes and encourages exploration, curiosity and trust.Your gentle and joyful guidance allowed me to discover sensations and feelings that I might not have embraced otherwise.You helped me to experience deeper and intimate connection with myself and with my dear Eva.You provided me with a chance to get in touch with my own fears and restrictions and.. to decide what I want to choose for myself. – Josef  RPC, MFA



Tziporah is a master at building the grounded and clear context for deep internal shifting. One of the most reliable and committed facilitators I’ve known, participating in one of her workshops is both playful and profound, both hard work and full of pleasure. My erotic nature always expands my idea of who I am and Tziporah serves as a gifted guide to accessing that power.

– Ashley Rose, Artist & Transformational Facilitator


“As it opens the doors to other possibilities and to gain new perspectives.” In one Cacao Ceremony and Breath Session with Tziporah, the doors of my life flew wide open and I leaped through. I went from being a somewhat satisfied woman to an open-hearted pilgrim traveling the world by the grace of our Divine Mother. I have danced around the world and become embodied and alive in ways I never thought possible and this is just the beginning of my great journey!

Don’t miss your chance to be opened to the possibilities of the most beautiful, most embodied life possible! If I was nearby, I would jump into another adventurous experience with this beautiful woman who is such a gift!

– Roxanne Mousseau,  Spiritual Coach


“I am not always sure what happens in our sessions yet I LOVE the results and what a ride! Tziporah has a unique skill and gift to bringing people to presence. Somatically she was able to teach me through experience these skills. Often I have experienced people telling me to be present or talking about presence yet for the first time I have experienced a space of such presence with my body, energy, and feelings. I originally came in wanting to be a better lover and now as a surfer for over 30 years I am a better surfer. What I have learned through working with Tziporah has increased my surfing skills in ways I never knew possible, and increased the quality in the way I relate & communicate to EVERYONE!. I express with greater confidence intimately and sexually.  

Thank you Tziporah for holding such a quality of space that I am now able to feel, express and live in a way that I am still in awe about”

552512_10151899253810370_2112057553_n– Maury, CEO


“Tziporah is a true sky dancer. Her breath work is unlike anything I’ve experienced. It’s other-worldly. She seems to channel the perfect medicine in the moment. If you are ready to go deep into your emotional and spiritual body, I highly recommend her work.”

-Kamala Devi, Sex & Relationship Author & Mentor 


I can’t thank you enough for the work you do and what you have offered me. This was one of the most border-expanding and enlightening experiences I’ve ever had. I feel that there is so much more and I am fully committed for this journey together! Huge Steps!

– Nicolas


Kathy who had just started a new relationship. Because of the newness to the relationship, she was hesitant to express her needs for intimacy. For her, being intimate meant sharing feelings and caresses and having a deep connection to her partner, herself and the world around her. She wanted to share these needs with her partner but was afraid of driving him away or being embarrassed.

After working with Tziporah, we were able to identify and clear old emotional patterns and fear that were stopping the intimacy I was wanting to experience. I was able to learn how to positively express my needs.  It now has become easier to begin receiving the intimacy I desired. Additionally, my  partner became clearer on his own needs and gained the ability to express how his needs could be fulfilled. Just by communicating in a new, responsible, honest, loving way what we desired, we are now living a life with increased level of intimacy and connection in all aspects of out relationship.

– Kathy



Experience intense harmony between your body, mind, and spirit connecting you to the fullness of yourself and deep intimacy and pleasure for you and a partner