FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to start working with me is to go to the Work With Me tab at the top of any page. Select either Private Mentoring, Book Tziporah, Events & Ceremonies, or Leadership Training. Fill out that contact form, and I will get back to you about how we can work together for your goals.

I originally came in wanting to be a better lover and now as a top surfer for over 30 years I have become a better surfer. What I have learned through working with Tziporah has increased my surfing skills in ways I never knew possible, and increased the quality in the way I relate & communicate to EVERYONE! I express with greater confidence intimately and sexually. Thank you Tziporah, for holding such a quality of space with your unique skill to bringing people to presence.  I am now able to feel, express and live in a way that invites people closer to me. Plus, through tapping into myself again, my values,  my vulnerability which I was so scared of, I now have attracted the perfect woman to share my life with.

Maury, CEO and Surfer