It’s official! My new pocketful of intimate excerpts from my upcoming book “Revolutionizing Intimacy” is officially released



A Pocketful of Intimate Insights

This 4×6 pocketbook of quotes is an invitation to open your heart to a profound state of relating, free your mind of the emotional burdens, and awaken your senses to life. 


“This boundless form of intimacy is like an infinite garden without walls or borders.  It is priceless material and wisdom to cultivate, cherish, and nourish.” 
– Tziporah Kingsbury, Soulful Relating Institute

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Coming in Spring 2017!


Creating Profound Relationships from the Bedroom to the Boardroom



A Collection of Relationship Wisdom

The clear path to unleashing spirit in your sex life

This gem of a book weaves together concepts, stories, and practices that will challenge the old paradigm of relationships that says that someone else completes us or is responsible for how we feel. It is about deconstructing old stories, limiting behaviors and beliefs that may not even be yours and remembering who you are at your own central, authentic core. 

You may have noticed being involved in experiences where you are all caught up in blame, shame, judgments, and finger pointing, in an over-stimulated, busy world. You have lost touch with that place of your personal power, the one and only place where your sensual vitality is vibrant and alive. 

When you pause for just a moment and take a breath, don’t you feel your truest desire—the need and want for love and connection? This desire is true for most everyone. Beyond the pain, the force, and the fight to get what you want, YOU ULTIMATELY DESIRE LOVE AND CONNECTION! You desire to be heard, to be seen and understood!

I believe and feel the world as a whole is ready to get back to its original authentic form, to a place where each person owns who they are without apology, yet with a new found grace, love, and humility.

So, how do you get there?

This book, Revolutionizing Intimacy is the “how” in reconnecting you on spiritual, emotional, and physical planes.