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Deeper Thinking About Sexual Misconduct and Giving Our Power Away

I love unpacking ideas and believe cultivating a deeper understanding of these topics are essential to creating change for humanity and in our own lives. 

Recently I was on a date and we were having the sex talk. I have a sexual boundary when I am still getting to know someone that I use a condom […]

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Steps to Create Boundaries That Increase Intimacy and Connection

Creating boundaries is an act of love. They are a doorway to knowing yourself and another to greater depths which in turn provides a field abundant with possibility.

Are you ready to become a Master of your boundaries? This means becoming a master at creating and attracting those ideal relationships personally and […]

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When Your Sexual Expectations Fail You

Where do your self-expectations and agenda in the bedroom interfere with truly experiencing the intimacy you desire? 

Imagine you’re on a date with your partner, your mind is racing with ideas of how you want the night to be, how you are going to be that wild, passionate man which includes getting an erection, staying erect […]

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Why Men are Fed Up and Ready to Revolutionize Intimacy


In a world where people use relationships and sex as a means to fill a void, addiction, depression and various psychosomatic disorders are common. In such a world, you may find yourself settling for a lower quality of living, loving or relating. You might find yourself feeling trapped, […]

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